Unconventional Solutions, INC. established in 2002, is your one stop shop for paints, coatings and repair composites operating in aggressive chemical and industrial environments.

When you need N.A.C.E. Trained Technical Support or fast, friendly service and delivery we are your go to supplier for:

  • Engineering Repair & Ceramic Lining Systems
  • High Performance Paints & Linings
  • Pipeline Coatings
  • Building Maintenance & Protection Systems

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Now Playing: Viscotaq from AmCorr
    Viscotaq ViscoWrap-ST 2" x 33' (12 pack)


STOP IT Pipe Repair 2"x12' 10 Pack MEDIUM (Whole Case)

Protal 7200 1.0 Liter Kit (8/Case)

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About US

USI leading the Mid-West in innovative 3M Abrasion, Chemical, Erosion and Corrosion Protection Solutions that protect and maintain buildings, structures, machinery and equipment.


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