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Solution: Chemical/Corrosion Protection - Metal

3M Skotchkote Metal Repair EG 503, 3M Scotchkote R

Metal Shaft Repair - Case Study

An automotive manufacturing company in Livonia, MI was scheduled for an inspection, so they called Unconventional Solutions out for an emergency repair to fix a cracked shaft. A new shaft alone costs nearly $2000 and would take 4 weeks to be delivered. A factor of 4 days of downtime and labor costs of 4 employees working 10+ hour days totaling approximately $5000 to get the replacement shaft installed ready for service was also an issue.

3M,Scotchkote,Thortex, Metal-Tech EG, Cerami-Flex

Salt Water Pump Refurbishment - Case Study

The main suction/dredger pump on a shrimping boat was used to lift shrimp and shellfish from the sea bed. It had suffered extensive wear due to severe abrasion and corrosion. 3M Scotchkote Epoxy Metal Repair EG 503 was used to rebuild the original profiles and 3M Scotchkote Epoxy Ceramic Surfacer FG 512 was applied over the internal surfaces. The pump was reassembled and coated with Corro-Tech AP and over coated with 3M Scotchkote Urethane Coating UV 840.

3M, Scotchkote,Thortex,Uni-Tech GP Primer, Wall-Te

Tank Room Protection - Case Study

Uni-Tech GP Primer and Wall-Tech WB, our water-based epoxy coating, was used to refurbish one of the tank rooms at a brewery.
Wall-Tech WB has been developed for use on internal wall surfaces and is ideal for applications in food and beverage processing establishments where low odour and hygiene conditions are important. The
Uni-Tech UV system was used to refurbish the storage tank dish ends while
Chemi-Tech PW was used to protect the internal surfaces of the tanks.

3M,Scotchkote,Thortex, Cerami-Flex EG, Cerami-Flex

Water Pump Ring Housing - Case Study

At a waste water treatment plant the water pump ring housing had become badly damaged. The ring housing was cleaned and abrasive blasted, then 3M Scotchkote Urethane Ceramic Rebuild EG 515 was applied along with 3M Scotchkote Urethane Ceramic Lining FG 514 to create a smooth surface. Both 3M Scotchkote Urethane Ceramic Rebuild EG 515> and 3M Scotchkote Urethane Ceramic Lining FG 514 provide outstanding protection against impingement, entrainment, cavitiation, erosion, and corrosion.

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