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3M,Scotchkote,Thortex, Poly-Nox, Viscotaq E-Z Wrap

Compressed Air Pipe - Case Study

A company that supplies atmospheric and specialty gases to various industries was experiencing heavy corrosion on a compressed air pipe. Unconventional Solutions recommended Viscotaq EZ Wrap, Viscotaq ViscoWrap ST, and Viscotaq PE Outerwrap at the soil to air transitions and 3M Scotchkote Encapsulation Coating Polynox 136, a single component, water-based, anti-corrosive coating, for all pipe supports.

3M,Scotchkote,Thortex,Corro-Tech GP corrosion pipe

External Pipe Protection - Case Study

This pipeline had been in place for many years and corrosion had occurred with regard to the supporting steelwork and the actual pipeline.
After water blasting, all steelwork and areas of pipeline were protected with one coat of 3M Scotchkote Epoxy Primer GP 120, the material being applied by brush.

Indumar, StopIt HP, high pressure pipe wrap soluti

Natural Gas Line Repair (offshore platform) - Case Study

A gas company needed a repair solution for their natural gas lines on an offshore platform. The two inch line was suffering from severe wall loss due to corrosion, and had several pinhole leaks. The line was repaired with Stop It HP, an easy to apply, multi-component system designed especially for high-pressure pipe repairs.

3M,Scotchkote,Thortex, 323, two part, liquid epoxy

Petrochemical Pipeline Refurbishment - Case Study

A provider of midstream energy services had severe corrosion problems on a petrochemical pipeline. 3M Scotchkote 323, a two part liquid epoxy, high performance coating, was applied to 4000 ft. of this 8" diameter pipeline.

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