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Truck Island Concrete Repair - Case Study

3M Scotchkote Epoxy Screed RS 820, our solvent-free, high performance, resurfacing screed that protects concrete floors from abrasion and chemical attacks, was applied after the surface was prepared and primed with 3M Scotchkote Epoxy Sealer SP 810. 3M Scotchkote Epoxy Coating 162CR, a two component, solvent-free epoxy was applied over Uni-Tech MC Primer for metal areas, and 3M Scotchkote Epoxy Slip Deterrent 445, our safety surfacing system, completely reinstated a concrete ''truck island'' in an unloading area damaged by chemical attack.

3M,Scotchkote,Thortex,Corro-Tech GP corrosion pipe

External Pipe Protection - Case Study

This pipeline had been in place for many years and corrosion had occurred with regard to the supporting steelwork and the actual pipeline.
After water blasting, all steelwork and areas of pipeline were protected with one coat of 3M Scotchkote Epoxy Primer GP 120, the material being applied by brush.

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