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Thortex is our Unconventional Specialty Coatings & Repair Products manufactured by 3M E. Wood, Ltd., winner of the 2006 Queen's Award for Innovation. Thortex High Performance Specialty Protection Coatings and Repair Composite Resins have been applied world-wide since 1984 to protect and maintain buildings, structures, machinery & equipment from aggressive and industrial environments. ThistleBond has been used since the 1900’s and Copon has been protecting pipelines since the 1950’s.

Our Thortex and Copon products have zero VOC’s and are environmentally GREEN and user friendly. Zero VOC means that this particular formulation has NO volatile organic compounds (VOCs)--ammonia, acetone, formaldehyde and other toxic constituents that evaporate from conventional products that pollute your indoor air. We also help companies extend the life of their equipment, machinery, building and structures, so less goes to landfills, helping prevent unnecessary waste. 


We have a growing list of qualified pump and valve repair experts, machine shops, and Thortex applicators to provide Turn-Key Solutions for:

  • Engineering Repair & Maintenance
  • Building Maintenance
  • Corrosion & Chemical Protection

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Unconventional Solutions include:

  • Metal Repair Systems
  • Corrosion Protection Systems
  • Chemical Protection Systems
  • Ceramic Repair Systems
  • Rubber Repair Systems
  • Concrete Repair and Protection
  • Floor Repair/Resurfacing Systems
  • Roof Repair/Resurfacing Systems
  • Safety Resurfacing Systems

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